Curtain Wall

Glass Curtain Walls are an excellent way to beautify any multi-level building. Each individual project requires intricate engineering & architectural design decisions that define the success of a new or retrofit building project.

There are numerous products in the market place that can utilized. With the experience of our project managers at Okotoks Glass Windows & Doors, that work in conjunction with a team of highly trained engineers and glaziers, the appearance and functionality that you expect from a glass curtain wall is guaranteed.

At Okotoks Glass Windows & Doors no job is too big or too small, whether you are looking for a new project or a refurbishment, mall storefront, office partitioning or condo project, Okotoks Glass Window & Doors will work with you to customize your project to your specifications.

Ergonomic Design
Aluminum/Steel Construction
Professional Installation
Multi-level Buildings
10 Year Warranty